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The Early Days Package 

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This package is designed to support parents in the pre-natal period or in the 'fourth trimester'

These early days are a precious time for you, your newborn and the rest of the family.


As exciting as the newborn period is, we all know that it can be an exhausting and sometimes daunting period.

During our consultation, we will discuss what normal sleep looks like for a newborn baby.


I will give you the guidance, advice and support to give you the confidence and reassurance you need during this period. 

We will talk about what a safe sleeping environment looks like and how to minimise the risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  

You can ask me any questions in this call and together we can address any worries/ fears/ concerns that you may have. This is a video call for up to 90 minutes

I will then send you my newborn e-guide for you to refer back to. 


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