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Are you in need of some 1:1 support with your child's sleep? 


Well you've come to the right place! The 7 Day E-mail Support Package has been to designed to support you with small sleep problems/ queries which includes:


- Education and awareness of what normal sleep looks like based on your child's age and stage of development 

- Troubleshooting small issues such as inconsistent naps, early risings, false starts, night feeds etc. 

- Providing reassurance


If you think this e-mail support package would be right for you then please be aware of the following prior to booking: 


- Please be aware that this package is ONLY suitable for troubleshooting small issues. If it seems like your child has a bigger sleep issue then I would recommend 'The Big Bundle' package as they will need a full, holistic assessment which cannot be done via e-mail 

- Once you have completed the booking, I will be in touch via e-mail within 24 hours to activate the package 

- You can contact me as many times as you wish within the 7 days 

- I will endevour to respond as soon as I can but I can assure you that it will always be within 12 hours at the latest 

- Please allow for me to respond to your e-mail before messaging again 



I shall look forward to working with you! 

7 Day E-mail Support Package

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